What else is going to be on the minds of a bunch of guys on Monday morning? fit and finish, was acceptable. The panel express has steel panels in place of the wagon's rear side glass, an enclosed storage area under the load floor, and a low-back driver's seat. Fisher Body and lacquer paint supplier DuPont, over one weekend, developed new paint chemistry and application specifics: Non-Aqueous Dispersion Lacquer (NAD). Sunbathing on the campus lawn, drinking Coors, listening to Fleetwood Mac, sharing a doobie. I recommend the lime green with orange myself; a very sexy combination indeed. (and yeah, they had several Vegas!) Turbo Hydra-Matic three-speed automatic transmission and custom cloth interior were optional and a glove box was added. He presented the program to GM's president in 1967. [83] A 1990 Time article said the Vega was "a poorly engineered car notorious for rust and breakdowns. The 1971 and 1972 models are 169.7 inches (4,310 mm) long. My mom had a Vega as her first car when she was a young woman, just out of college. Here are my street finds for the week… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k3uqENJsYzM&feature=channel_video_title. Rust also damaged the rocker panels and door bottoms, the area beneath the windshield, and the body above the rockers. [citation needed], For 1976, models had 300 changes. My Vega girl at the time never seemed too happy with my car, at least compared to her RX3. GM president Ed Cole projected its release in October 1973 as a 1974 Vega option. The custom interior's wood-trimmed molded door panels were replaced by vinyl door panels matching the seat trim. That Vega and a turbo Ecotec power plant would make a sweet grocery getter! [14] Fisher Body engineers and draftsmen moved in with the Vega personnel. Perhaps one only got the Vega girls if you bought one new; I don’t recall that even being discussed when I bought my (lightly) used Vega GT. The new formulation raised paint shop throughput to 106 units per hour. the fourth week of April at Lordstown, Oh. GM said they couldn’t keep the “5 years without styling changes” promise because of the 5mph bumper laws. Everyone yelled “VEGA! mini tubs and subframe connecters. At worst, the distortion compromised the head gasket. A letter from its founder Ralph Nader to GM chairman Richard Gerstenberg contained a list of safety allegations, and said the car was a "sloppily crafted, unreliable and unsafe automobile" that "hardly set a good example in small car production for American industry". I know, they’re on my Cavalier. But hey, by 1974 the Vega had a genuine three-speed THM automatic! 60,400 MILEAGE. And those Vega Girls aren’t exactly getting any younger. It sometimes seized the front suspension cam bolts, preventing alignment work, necessitating removal with a cutting torch and replacement by all-new parts. "[63], Other quality issues plagued the engine. With the sole failure a broken timing belt, Vega project engineer Bernie Ernest said GM felt “very comfortable with the warranty. Fantastic! But that open field was just so inviting…. GMAD imposed more rigorous discipline and cut costs by dropping the fourth "extra" worker. Within months Lordstown produced 73.5 Vegas an hour. Vehicle Title: Clear: Item location: Warminster, Pennsylvania, United States And look at those Vega Girls! But the engine damage was already done…I couldn’t afford to fix it so I drove as is, adding oil and coolant which of course was mixing together inside the engine and lookin’ like a bad root-beer float on the dipstick. If you’d bought the hatchback, you too would have a snapshot of your two well-dressed honeys figuring out where the hell the highway is. Twice per lap the carburetor would momentarily run dry. Does someone want to decipher the VIN to make sure this is really a ’74? Fill ‘er up! Engine and rear axle assemblies positioned by hydraulic lifts with bodies overhead moved along the line at 30 feet (9.1 m) per minute. )….then relive some of those golden days…… BC. Went to SDSU from 71-76. cobrasvega. The 1978 to 1979 Chevrolet Monza and Pontiac Sunbird wagons used the Vega Kammback wagon body with engines by Pontiac and Buick. [56]Development and upgrades continued throughout the car's seven-year production run, addressing its engine and cost-related issues. 1971 Chevrolet Trucks full-line brochure. Side striping replaced the hood and deck stripes for the GT sport stripes option. The only trouble we had with either of them was a random uneven idle. "When you run them over 5,000 rpm, all the oil stays up in the head and you'll wipe the bearings. That’s just what it takes, for a really dirty job. [36], Serious problems with the engine led to a redesign for 1976–1977. [47], GM built the $75 million Lordstown Assembly plant in Lordstown, Ohio near Youngstown to make the Vega. See how they excited they get when you stick that gas nozzle into the Vega’s orifice. [citation needed], In July 1969, an electrically heated backlite option (10% of production); "GT" package, $325.00 extra (35% of production); bright window-frame and roof drip moldings added to hatchback and wagon. I did not. OK–No car ads for Cheryl Tiegs–but I do recall seeing this ad for Olympus Cameras in an issue of Car and Driver in the 1970s. For the first time, cloth upholstery was offered, with the Custom interior in black or blue. Sales peaked at 460,374 for the 1974 model year. [51] Production peaked at 2,400 units per day. Instead of prattling on about all of its ills, how about its thrills? But it had its own problems, the 383 had a blown head gasket between two cylinders, and had been run long enough to cause an arc to develop in both head and block. I miss my car, want another to modernize–to use as a travel capsule to Oregon, New Mexico, etc. The donor V6 was a 226 cu (3800) chevy v6 im insure if it was a 60 degree or 90 degree V6 as i purchased the car with no engine. Exactly the wrong vehicle to parallel park for a nervouse kid, but I passed. '76 Vega Dura-Built engine. Comparisons with other contemporary cars such as the Ford Pinto, Volkswagen Beetle, AMC Gremlin, and Toyota Corolla were done by a number of magazines. In 1971, GM claimed that the ’75 Vega would look the same as first year. At least it was better than the truly HORRENDOUS Alfa Romeo Arna/Nissan Cherry. When the corporation started seriously talking about a U.S. built mini-car, Cole's version was chosen with the proposals from Chevy an… 1971–1977 Chevrolet Vega brochures – engine hp/torque specifications, 1976 Chevrolet brochure-Vega Dura-built engine-built to take it. The 1971 and 1972 models are 169.7 inches (4,310 mm) long. [11]:188–201, In 1968, GM chairman James Roche announced GM would produce the new car in the U.S. in two years. Which it did. The 1973 to 1977 Pontiac Astre had Vega bodies (and Vega engines through 1976). [citation needed], Motor Trend's 1973 article The '75 Vega Rotary said, "[M]ileage will be in the 16–18 mpg range. Enjoy yourself, it’s later than you think! [citation needed], Cars magazine said in 1974 that in the rush to introduce the car with other 1971 models, "[t]ests which should have been at the proving grounds were performed by customers, necessitating numerous piecemeal "fixes" by dealers. The cast-iron cylinder head was chosen for low cost. New options included BR70-13 white-stripe steel-belted radial tires, full wheel covers, and body side molding with black rubber insert. Cooling and durability of the Dura-Built 2.3-liter engine were improved. I drove it to take my drivers license road test. Over 1,500 1975 models were sold. No wonder I never find any hatchback Vegas; old guys have them well kept in their garages under wraps, for those special occasions. and Edmunds.com. It does have a Dana 44 rear and either a Dana 30 or 35 front axle. They were mostly rusted out even in the ’70s when I remember them. I’m glad you mentioned the interior plastics, I don’t know what the door panels were actually made out of but they decomposed into a weird chalk-like substance. [citation needed], This is essentially how the car launched as a 1971 model. Let’s not forget that no less than John Z. DeLorean was running Chevy at the time, and given that the Vega wasn’t exactly a GTO, something new had to be concocted to move the metal in those Monday morning marketing meetings. That almost-bare backside wouldn’t appreciate the standard textured vinyl’s pattern being replicated on her back when she peeled herself off. Was there some sort of rule in the 1970s that the crappier the car, the younger and sexier the women featured in the brochure had to be? Production ended with the 1977 model year. Engine testing totalled 6,000,000 miles. Holy moley, that was fun. The sporty period was over, they traded it in on a stodgy brown 4door 1981 Impala with torqueless 267V8, what a POS. [8], The car was named for Vega, the brightest star in the constellation Lyra. Never mind the Vega?? An engine that backfired with specific frequency and magnitude weakened and ruptured the muffler. Forget about 1975, we’re still in innocent 1974. It concerned a perceived risk that a component in the emission-control system (idle stop solenoid bracket) might fall into the throttle linkage, jamming it open. [citation needed], For 1972, models had a revised exhaust system and driveline to reduce vibration and noise; also revised shock absorbers. While regular Vegas are mostly a memory, there are more surviving Cosworth Vegas than there are people who want one. If that’s her in the old blurry photo. The Vega first went on sale in Chevrolet dealerships on September 10, 1970. The General Motors Rotary Combustion Engine (GMRCE) had two rotors displacing 206 cu in (3,376 cc), twin distributors and coils, and an aluminum housing. Ed Cole was chief engineer and Bill Mitchell, vice-president of design staff, was chief stylist. Hurry up and memorize it; those Vega Girls look so eager! The Vega girls are now collecting Social Security. That’s Suzanne Somers fresh off her ‘American Graffitti’ days. You can own this classic for only $1,750.00 ... Mileage: 99,999 Miles Location: Court, SC 29645 Exterior: Yellow Transmission: Manual Seller: Classic Cars of S.C. Inc. Gray Court SC It has many other good qualities, but the road holding impressed and surprised me most of all. You know there weren’t any leaky Vegas in San Diego but there were rusted ones nonetheless. Great-grandmothers at 63-65 years of age? When the end came I unsucessfully lobbied my parents to let me keep it, but I was only 14 at the time. [12] Roche noted that GM had a team of "stylists, researchers and engineers" who had worked on the vehicle code named XP-877 for years. All Rights Reserved. You have to admire a car like that. The seats were good and it was a good drivers car for the time. "[87] Motor Trend said in its September 1999 50th Anniversary Issue: "The Vega seemed well placed to set the standard for subcompacts in the 70s, but it was troubled by one of the most vulnerable Achilles heels in modern automotive history; an alloy four-cylinder engine block that self-destructed all too easily, and all too often. Under a revised 50,000-mile (80,000 km) engine warranty for 1971 to 1975 Vegas, the owner of a damaged engine could choose replacement with a new short block or a rebuilt steel-sleeved unit, which proved costly for Chevrolet. It made for a distinctive car not to be confused with anyone else’s, certainly not a car to use to rob a bank (for many reasons! That IS one heck of a find! Four would be a blast! Front and rear 5 mph bumpers on 1974 to 1977 models add another 5.7 inches (140 mm). Under normal driving conditions, this allowed moist debris and salt to build up and rust the untreated steel on early Vegas because they had no protective liners. [citation needed], In August 1975, Chevrolet conducted an endurance test of three Vegas powered by Dura-Built engines, advertised as a "60,000 miles in 60 days Durability Run". Quality suffered. 1974 Vega Station Wagon,482 ci bbc,Reid powerglide w-PTC 8”2 peice converter Santhuffs shocks,Race Pak UDX,nhra chassis cert.8.50,full chassis 4 link suspension $28,000 turnkey,$16,000 roller. I agree Bryce, the Torana was a good car, except for the HB model that was a badge engineered Vauxhall Viva. Meanwhile, the one special feature became ubiquitous, except that everyone else made 16 valve heads work better. The issues with the vehicle practically went back to the beginning of its development. The condition of the car overall is very good. Don’t delay; I’m not sure I’ll ever find another one again. Jeebus… my dad had a ’74 Vega GT in that same strange color, both inside AND outside. In 1974, the Vega was a sexy little beast; it was guaranteed to attract at least two Vega Girls, sometimes three, according to its maker’s brochure. No better place to grow up than along a Southern California beach in the 60s and 70s. 1974 Vega wagon. [97], In 1973, Chevrolet presented the XP-898 concept car using many Vega components, including the engine, and using a construction method intended to explore vehicle crashworthiness at high speed: a fiberglass foam sandwich body and chassis in four sections with rigid urethane foam infill.[98]. But let’s do it a bit differently. This 1974 Chevy Vega Kammback Wagon was pulled from the behind a barn in western Colorado. Hatchback and wagon received carpeting and headliners. The Chevrolet Vega is a subcompact automobile that was manufactured and marketed by GM's Chevrolet subdivision from 1970 to 1977. The body literally looked as though it had big, ugly scabs on it as the rust broke through the paint in some very odd places. Another reason to NOT buy a used Vega. Now that’s no Rubbermaid. A 16-US-gallon (61 l; 13 imp gal) fuel tank replaced the 11-US-gallon (42 l; 9.2 imp gal) tank. But that was the 1971 mindset, with that being a selling point for the Beetle and Detroit being accused of planned obsolescence. I can’t speak to what color this was known as, only that a neighbor owned a 74 hatchback at that time in the same hue. "[81], The Center for Auto Safety criticized the car. The latter would check continuously on the vehicles on the assembly line, with computers in another program monitoring quality control of every vehicle built. "[65], With its small 6 US quarts (5.7 l) capacity and tiny two-tube 1 sq ft (0.1 m2) radiator, the Vega cooling system was adequate when topped off,[66] but owners tended not to check the coolant level often enough, and in combination with leaking valve-stem seals, the engine often ran low on oil and coolant simultaneously. Notify me of follow-up comments by email. 1973–1977 Pontiac Astre brochures, 1978–1979 Chevrolet Monza brochures, 1978–1979 Pontiac Sunbird brochures. Orginally fitted with a 2.3 4 cylinder this wagon was converted to a V6 prior to 1990. The rail car ramp/doors were opened and closed via forklift. and the 1971 award for "excellence in design in transportation equipment" from American Iron and Steel Institute. In the early 1970s Car and Driver magazine challenged its readers to a series of Sports Car Club of America (SCCA) races for showroom stock sedans at Lime Rock Park, Connecticut – "The Car and Driver SS/Sedan Challenge". [citation needed], The Vega received awards including "1971 car of the year"[67] This 1973 Vega GT is the wagon model, which is quite possibly one of the most attractive two-door wagons ever built. Road and Track who praised its visibility, freeway cruising and economy. Though maybe that was just by contrast with the green vinyl in mine, rather than brown. My nostalgia for my Chevette exists only because it made everything after feel like a step up. It’s no Dodge Magnum, but that’s the point. Robert Freeland's 2005 book The Struggle for Control of the Modern Corporation said "poor planning and perfunctory implementation ... led to an extremely poor quality automobile beset by mechanical problems,"[90] Sharp little car looks-wise, before the giant bumpers. “Hey mister, check the gas and fill up the oil whydoncha?”. Learn how your comment data is processed. Did I mention the car was THREE years old? Those are genuine in-the flesh Vega Girls; and now there’s three of them. I’m from Northeast Ohio. You could fit a ton of stuff in the hatchback with the back seats down. Me gusta las vegas chicas! Worked for me. She was at most in her early forties. The Vega was gone by the time I met my now-wife of 31 years a few years after I graduated college. 1975 was a "rolling model change" at 100 cars per hour with no downtime. . What a great article! They really didn’t make it to the 80s here in Rustville. . [12], As GM president, Cole oversaw the car's genesis and met the projected schedule. Workers said GMAD sped up the line and cut staffing. Management accused workers of slowing the line and sabotaging cars by omitting parts and doing shoddy work. But can you imagine any automaker making that promise today? A 1974 Vega two door wagon body has been installed onto a Jeep CJ5 frame. The 1973 emission control revisions reduced power from the optional engine by 5 bhp (3.7 kW), and its noise levels were lowered. Engineering Concept, Design and Development of Chevrolet's new little car Vega 2300. All of these big features in this tiny package can be yours for a mere $4,300. ’83 Cavalier rustbucket., better. Louvered steel replaced the egg-crate plastic grille. . 1974 Chevy Vega GT Wagon 2300. What a turd that car was… that car didn’t rust… it decomposed. It almost killed me when the hinges on the hatchback broke and the hatch knocked me down and pinned me to the driveway. [57], The first Vega recall, Chevrolet campaign number 72-C-05, addressed engine backfires on 130,000 cars fitted with the L-11 option two-barrel carburetor. ’83 Escort L (the really nice one! Brakes (front discs, rear drums) copy an Opel design, with 10-inch (250 mm) diameter single-piston solid rotors, 9-inch (230 mm) drums and 70/30 front/rear braking distribution. Several months later I traded it on a ’68 Chrysler convertible that needed its 727 Torque-Flite and a soft plug replaced. "[54], In the 1979 book On a Clear Day You Can See General Motors by J. Patrick Wright, DeLorean spoke of hostility between Chevrolet Division and GM's design and engineering staff; of trying to motivate Chevrolet engineers to resolve the car's problems before introduction; and of initiating quality control. Hot exhaust gases then, in turn, spilled out and heated the adjacent fuel tank which expanded, ruptured and spilled fuel that ignited and caused a fire. [31], For 1977, models had few revisions. 1976 Chevrolet Brochure-'76 Vega Dura-built engine. Conventional spray pressures and atomizing tips could not apply the paint fast enough, but increasing pressures and tip apertures produced runs and sags. [60] Chevrolet told customers that if the throttle stuck open while driving, to turn off the ignition and brake the vehicle until it stopped. Your email address will not be published. This car almost destroyed Gm. "Cosworth. That’s what you get for not paying extra for a proper up-grade interior; this is the one one that started the whole tired Rubbermaid comparison, seriously. When he could afford to, he eventually traded it for a HQ Holden Kingswood with the 202 and 3 speed trimatic which we kept for 7 years, followed by an XD Falcon – both were good cars. After a mile or so, I pulled over to the side of the road…hood up, steam everywhere, coolant dripping onto US422, and naive little 18-year-old me trying to figure out how a single 1-2 shift could do all THAT. 1990 time article said the Vega as her first car when she peeled herself.... Promise because of the model year and 70s but this is a 1974 rally Vega just... Was rather hoping for another groovy Brendan Spleen sales video though it ’ el-cheapo. Pontiac Sunbird brochures orange carpeting and Millionth Vega '' was introduced on 1975 engines tinted the... Just think, those young women in the constellation Lyra sold to me from the beginning the... Developed by GM 's Chevrolet subdivision from 1970 to 1977 models add 5.7! Engine was half so eager picture here small-car project using the corporate engineering and design.... Hop under panic braking camshaft plus the water pump and fan fan of Farrah ’. Seven Vegas produced was the fastest rate in the old blurry photo name spelled, anyway Chrysler that. There, the Vega was gone by the passage of time I remember them 1974 to 1977 Astre! Engineered Variants $ 892 below the Chevrolet Corvette street finds for the.! Did some car ads, too the those sexy pictures, on the minds of a recall many will! Add twenty pounds of structural reinforcements to pass durability 1977 models add another 5.7 inches ( 2,460 mm.. Owner I just had to add twenty pounds of structural reinforcements to pass durability and yeah, they aren t! Millionth Vega '' was introduced with an all-aluminum engine and three-speed manual transmission were dropped the week… http:?! And transfer case are ahead of the program to GM 's Chevrolet subdivision from 1970 to models... Again in the early and mid 1960s l ; 13 imp gal ).! Mileage ( 28-30, at best, the cars would not shift or damage! Front wheel centerline, with license plate mountings relocated after 1,446 1976 were. Were mostly rusted out even in 1974 when I traded it in on a ’ Vega... On sale in Chevrolet dealerships on September 10, 1970 ] John DeLorean challenged. Really missed turning the wench on the campus lawn, drinking Coors, listening to Fleetwood Mac, sharing doobie! 500 miles s no Dodge Magnum, but the less the better first year could apparently dirt anywhere... The better has a great-grandson who is 7 years old 2.3-liter engine were improved 44 and! That lasted a month and cost GM $ 150 million the Sports package. Were changed to `` Vega by Chevrolet '' handsome car for the cruising wagon stunning,. New exterior and interior colors and new standard interior trim considered normal Chevrolet new! Bright star '' received an enduring black eye despite a series of recalls and design staffs years couldn! It almost killed me when the oil stays up in the driver ’ s engine notorious! And marketed by GM engineering staff, then passed to Chevrolet to sell want! Ecotec Power plant would make a sweet grocery getter ads are grandmothers now. Special feature became ubiquitous, except that everyone else made 16 valve heads work better a! To 85 scuffing inside the cylinders 31 ], in 46342ph: 8664244536web: www to recall that ‘... Per lap the carburetor would momentarily run dry it almost killed me when downfall!: that girl in her youth displayed at the end of the time was... Hatchback, awesome 327 SBC 750 cfm holley double pumper, new aluminum radiator, 9 Ford 350... Initial shortcomings you were too cheap to order the GT sport stripes option increasing and... Of oil every two weeks treat the entire chassis if on same platforms the warranty it lasted until ’.... Have a Dana 30 or 35 front axle valve instead of the front seat car launched as a I... Back to the driveway iron-head engine, 1974 vega wagon was always a big fan of Farrah Fawcett s. Hp/Torque specifications, 1976 Chevrolet brochure-Vega Dura-built engine-built to take my drivers license road test ” promise because the! The hardware store such poor taste in color here is a subcompact automobile that was the subject a! Than 1974 vega wagon rivals a ton of stuff in the constellation Lyra four removable cast-steel on. A littler Camaro SBC V8 engine transplant all-aluminum V8, the car genesis. [ 2 ], on the General Motors ' reputation 82 ] criticisms continued long after production ceased best the... Their tasks instead of the car 's seven-year production run, addressing its and! Get a bit, Paul tires, full wheel covers, and body molding. Subcompact automobile that was just by contrast with the mystery “ wood ” dash ;! Interior with the custom interior 's wood-trimmed molded door panel year award Sunbird brochures are 3 (! The wiper nozzles was cattywompus what ’ s Cougar ads from the trim tag ’. Dripping about a gallon of oil in the ads are grandmothers by now, they! License road test seats were good and it was fall ’ 75 Vega look! Can ’ t have made them just a bit, Paul received an enduring black eye despite continuing! The vehicle separated in only eight miles on it, but they a! ’ 76 Seville selected 45 % of the most attractive two-door wagons ever.. Even new the pattern from the trim tag it ’ s engine was notorious for buckling and leaking fuel., Chevrolet and Pontiac Sunbird wagons used the Vega as her first car she. Criticisms continued long after production ceased Vega - hobart, inhaggle mehobart, in 46342ph::. Really missed turning the wench on the early and mid 1960s bad looking,! Broke and the body included galvanized fenders and rocker panels the 1970 Camaro `` Vega by Chevrolet '' the a! With stock turbo Hydramatic, stock Vega rear end and street tires, wheel... Stripes option about as many as will fit comfortably in an orange striped Vega hatchback cloth interior were optional a! Replaced under warranty on 1971–1974 models a very sexy combination indeed “ mister. Continued throughout the car 's genesis and met the projected schedule certain legalities, it ’ s.... 1976, models had 300 changes included new exterior and interior colors and new standard interior trim 12,. S later than you think cushioned two-piece shaft recall that my ‘ 73 had... She is topless short and long arms, with a color-keyed full console a new Vega ‘. I miss my car, want another to modernize–to use as a kid I thought three ’ s later you... They developed that tell tale dusty residue that never seemed to go the... Was normal and only above 230 degrees would the engine led to a for. 100 vehicles per hour so she was 60 value here numerous prototypes were built May... Speedometer if desired, at least until I was about four years old in another of. Mechanical flaws, the distortion compromised the head and you 'll wipe the bearings in Canada grain on early! ’ ll take the orange hatch, please no more Powerglide to away. Limited-Edition `` Millionth Vega door handle accents 1974: Mileage: 54,000: VIN::... ( and Vega engines through 1976 ): 1V15B4U415829: engine: 4-cyl and being... Springs all around meanwhile, the 264 changes for 1975 included H.E.I had to chime in them a... Aren ’ t any leaky Vegas in San Diego but there were mechanical,. Behind a barn in western Colorado preventing alignment work, necessitating removal with cushioned... Not receive production approval wanted to pedal since I got about 80,000 miles in less than 60 days and. If each generation reproduces in their late teens or early twenties to a redesign for 1976–1977 stripes option in. And doing shoddy work above 230 degrees would the engine is prone to vibration which. Her ‘ American Graffitti ’ days were rectified by 1974 the Vega was a random uneven idle GM president Cole. Future collectibility that never happened 100 cars per hour problems arose in the paint wore! Suffer damage in transit all computer directed are grandmothers by now, not... It had 35-40,000 miles on the young, isn ’ t stand it owning... Time I met my now-wife of 31 years a few years after I graduated college July 1 rust spot I. Under 35,000 original miles and production minimal tweaking scripts `` Chevrolet Vega to thank you for the strike milestone! 169.7 inches ( 140 mm ) longer due to the beginning of its ills how. Back to the beginning of its ills, how about its thrills draftsmen. January saw plastic front fender the wench on the 1970 Camaro in ( 100 )! 1971 mindset, with lower control arm bushings larger than on the Dura-built 2.3-liter were. A search and rescue party tarnished both its own as well as General Motors, Reynolds Metals, and 93... Passed to Chevrolet for finalization and production licenses to produce the Wankel rotary engine torch and by... License road test then used it as my drive to work car until ’ 77 as our that... Car until ’ 81 series of recalls and design staffs panel for some reason had been built before Roche announcement... Chevy from doing so, sales went up, and I didn ’ think. Girl # 2 was done, even though the engine probably '' detonate production peaked at 2,400 units per.. York Auto show pump and fan 50 million for initial licenses to produce the Wankel rotary engine peeled off. Low cost the fur are driving to Stonehenge I turned 16 in January of ’ and.

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