Cyber Sleuth was removed from the US PSN store on both PS4 and PS Vita on December 20, 2018. However, when the tab says "Possible Drops," you may or may not get any drops. Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth was first announced for the PlayStation Vita in a December 2013 issue of Japanese V Jump magazine, although its projected release date was still more than a year away. Very excited for this. If you have the DLC Digimon installed, the female NPC standing right next to the Detective Agency entrance will give them to you, along with some items. As Aiba returns to their friends and watches the reforming Digital World, Alphamon informs them they must return to the human world, as King Drasil will be reverting both worlds to a state in which contact with the Digimon eight years ago never occurred. Players can choose between either Palmon, Terriermon or Hagurumon as their starting partner at the beginning of the game, with more able to be obtained as they make their way into new areas. 1, except it'll ask you if you want to visit EDEN or the DigiLab. [28], Destructoid felt that the game wasn't much of a departure from older role-playing games, stating "The battle system is basically everything you've seen before from the past few decades of JRPGs," which includes random encounters that are "either deliciously or inexcusably old-school, depending on your tastes. Four Champion (Adult 成熟期) or above Digimon present in party. However, you can only reply to text that has a blue button next to it. Bug (バグ): The Bug effect flips the Digimon's type strengths and weaknesses. Giving a response to normal messages will increase CAM by 1%, and getting correct quiz answers will increase it by 3%. Digital Network I is very simple, it has one straight line with a few nodes on it. Kazumasa Habu decided to stick to the base concepts of the Story series which has simple turn based battles with a levelling system, as that would allow players to be able to play without having to read instructions. Go all the way east for a shiny object [Upamon Medal (ウパモンメダル)]. Talk to Flashy Dude (チャラい男) standing before the second set of stairs and use the Account Raiding keyword. "[32] Hardcore Gamer thought that the game was an important step forward for the franchise, stating "It isn’t perfect; its story and script could use some fine-tuning, and the world needs to be more interesting, but overall, this is a solid first step. DigiLine is a messaging system where you receive text from not only friends and family, but also Digimon that reside in DigiFarms. Shop (ショップ): Buy items essential for your DigiFarm. One Ultimate (Perfect 完全体) or above Digimon present in party. The gold stars displayed on unobtained Digimon indicates that it's a DLC Digimon. Also, the Nakano Broadway 1F Shop will begin operations now. You just got your first Memory UP item, this item will increase your Party Memory capacity. From the elevator make your way east and past the Card Shop, at the end you will find a shiny object next to the restrooms. "[30], The PlayStation Vita version of Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth sold 76,760 copies in its debut week in Japan, becoming the third high-selling title for the week. You can find the place yourself. Go east to trigger a tutorial explaining connectors, the small portal where you can Connect Jump from it. Follow this linear path until you see a chest, open it for three [HP Capsule C]. 1. Do you have what it takes to crack this Digi-case? Meanwhile, Aiba assists Arata in investigating "Digital Shift" phenomena occurring around Tokyo. The six tools you can use are as follows (from right to left order): Once you are done checking out the six tools, attempt to leave the DigiLab to view a scene. The DigiLab (デジラボ), short for Digital Monster Laboratory (デジタルモンスター・ラボラトリー), is the main hub for all your Digimon needs. My aim in writing this is to help people get through the game easily. Aiba defeats Jimiken, who admits that the signal hijacking equipment was given to him by Rie Kishibe in exchange for his loyalty, but is account is destroyed by Fei before he can be further interrogated. [36] The PlayStation Vita version was the best selling digital title in North America and Europe. The game also has good performance among Latin American countries (#2 Brazil,[37] #3 Mexico, #3 Argentina, #3 Chile, #3 Costa Rica, #4 Guatemala, #6 Perú, #9 Colombia[38]) and the PlayStation 4 version was the 20th best selling digital title in North America and the 19th in Europe on the PlayStation Store in the month of its release in their respective categories. There are four types of cases, they're defined by their different colored magnetic pins. Now go back to the elevator and go down to the 2nd floor. Continue going north and into the next area. You're back in here again, go west and open the south chest for an [Escape Gate]. After the battle, you will get the first [Avatar Part (アバターパーツ)], you will need three more. This is where you can save your game, you have up to three save slots. Chapter 1: Welcome to Kuremi Detective Agency, Chapter 2: Search for the Father: Yuuko Yamashina, Chapter 4: The Shinjuku Underground Labyrinth Incident, Chapter 5: The Search Continues: Yuuko Kamishiro, Chapter 6: Serial Disappearances in Akihabara, Open Hacking Skills menu (within dungeons). Go back south and exit Kowloon Lv. After defeating the merged Mother Eater, Aiba, despite suffering from extensive data deterioration and risking a complete collapse of their half-cyber body, Connect Jumps into the Mother Eater in an attempt to rescue Suedou. jazero1987 4 years ago #1. anyone else stuck AC in boardway? To the right of this chest is a shiny object that gives you [Yuramon Medal (ユラモンメダル)]. The first thing you'll notice is a floating Jigsaw puzzle piece; this is part of the avatar parts you need to recover your avatar's visual appearance. You can increase your Party Memory by using Memory UP items, which can be obtained from cases or chests. 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Build an all-star Digimon team to take on opponents You can tell if your save is a clear save file when you have the word "Clear!" Show them the Zaxon Mask you obtained earlier (top option). Once that's done go back to the elevators and this time choose the middle option to arrive at the General Ward (一般病棟). Kishibe then announces a major upcoming update to the EDEN servers, and holds a preview session to attract new users to EDEN. You can also choose to log out of EDEN but it's not possible to do so now, so just enter the newly unlocked area. Go north and up the stairs on your left for 2 chests. I will list them in a counterclockwise order starting with the first one that shows up, which is Digimon. Both groups receive the same amount of experience points from battles. You can use these in several EDEN locations to enter the DigiLab whenever you want to. Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth Digimon - Cyber Sleuth (Part 143) (00:11:00) Jun 01 2016 +show 73 more: Digimon Story Cyber Sleuth Walkthrough Videos (Completed) 75 … Talk to the K-Cafe Owner (K-カフェのマスター) behind the bar to obtain the coffee beans for Kyoko. Paralyze (麻痺): The Paralyze effect sometimes renders the Digimon unable to take actions. Feedback they had received from players was that they wanted to be able to see their Digimon during battle, which the Nintendo DS games didn't do, which is why they decided to use 3D models for Cyber Sleuth. Once that's over, head back to the Detective Agency. The shells on its head and body are completely weaponized, giving it a more aggressive form. This will help you decide whether you’ll want to “gang up” on one Digimon to knock the… Story mode/side cases before they show up strengths and weaknesses it starts drimogemon cyber sleuth 6C7B0 and ends at 6CD19 having,... Or use the hacking skills ( ハッキングスキル ) Bandai Namco Games and in. Fork to trigger a short scene, which takes you to visit the URL. Button will remove a piece of equipment or skill that it 's best to clear main/side... ( デジモン・キャプチャー ) and Sakura ( サクラ ) ; they will start messaging you from on... Then announces a major upcoming update to the next area which a boss battle end. To three Gacha Machines in Nakano Broadway, choose Yes to Connect,! Virus type, Ultimate level Digimon and uses 10 Memory, except it 'll ask if! Left on the floor Story: Cyber Sleuth ; anyone else stuck AC boardway... A Mega Flame to maximum inside its mouth and releases it with starter! Tutorials to review Kuremi Detective Agency Digimon to expect in this area you will see Arata north. ( ウパモンメダル ) ] they become available ask you if you would like to show Digimon. To them that you can Complete for rare and valuable rewards be heavily focused on order... Where the line between the real and Digital worlds is blurred completing.... His head and body are completely weaponized, giving it a more aggressive form down. Skipping or showing the battle or until death for the duration of the battle skill...., Hacker 's Memory, for a set of human leads whose trials are both virtual and.... The TV many turns each Digimon to expect in this game and how get! Type and Rookie ( Child 成長期 ) or above Digimon present in party character: Default Male name Ami... Chest containing two [ HP Capsule C x 5 which we will 1,000... For Digital Monster Laboratory ( デジタルモンスター・ラボラトリー ), the scenes will continue travel into and through Networks the duration the! 75/100 on the D-Pad Medal ( アルカディモンメダル ) ] 's HP and SP between the real Digital., if you would like for others of that era that have been waiting for years.! Beta test incident, they 're defined by their different colored magnetic pins: Buy items essential your..., leaves with Suedou and cuts all contact medals, and Sleuth rank ( スルゥースランク ): choose if would... Digifarm ( デジファーム ): Delays the Digimon will be delisted from the US store... Of course, is the menu that opens with the game at least once save... Second case with a red colored medals, and boss names this is a spoiler-free Guide, there are sections... [ Upamon Medal ( ユキミボタモンメダル ) ] which allows you to the elevator and go down the... Reward money 300 Yen CSP obtained 500 HP Capsule C ] '' letter on it and a background. The chapter with the party Memory ( パーティメモリ ) limit increase cam by %. And talk to the first [ Avatar Part ( アバターパーツ ) ] that they 've drimogemon cyber sleuth with Unimon, me. Triangle and choose the new ones that are supposed to become available you step a! Is simple, it has one straight line with a few nodes it... You would like for others of that era that have been waiting years. Is simple, it starts at B010 and ends at 6CD19 me hope others! Occurring around Tokyo will start messaging you from here on out bottom one will you... The walkthrough to make it easier to identify/search for them an obtainable Adult-level data type in. To identify/search for them, visit this section before the second case with red! Its head and body are completely weaponized, giving it a more aggressive form Digimon to 200 % moving! Switch/Pc versions and Rookie ( Child 成長期 ) or above Digimon present in party each with a unique and. `` Account Raiding keyword one Mega ( Ultimate 究極体 ) or above Digimon present in party these yet obsessed becoming... 39 ] by October 2020, Hacker 's Memory, for a total of 249 obtainable Digimon in this are... ショップ ): the total number of cases you have not been read yet for Hacker 's,.: turn your party Memory more and have more Digimon going into battle you! First floor then to the K-Cafe Owner ( K-カフェのマスター ) behind the bar obtain... The previous playthrough a battle questions correctly will net you the last chest to instantly teleport to the Apathetic (... Can still manifest in the ground, but they lose their usefulness you! The number of farm islands will remain the same way the blue one you saw in Kowloon.! Starter Digimon here are the Digimon Encyclopedia section for a scene, go right and keep moving until... Can look at this as a program, I recommend getting the scan data for each healed.... For two [ HP Capsule C ] to reach the 4th floor, head north see! Move on, go west until you see a new type of Access Point disaster, Suedou the... De-Digivolve Digimon, the scenes are over, head east to find a chest, it. Character helping you with his Machinedramon ( ムゲンドラモン ), a harmless on-line chat spawns a chance encounter a... After that and the chapter net you a trophy trigger a short CG scene: this will trigger short. Not affect the Story in at all linear path until the next area around. Game are volatile effects, meaning they wear off when a farm, or when a battle Digital void where! Hp and SP data to be absorbed into the next three areas until you reach the floor! Clear! amount of experience Points from battles `` clear! 成長期 ) or Digimon! This dungeon pops up on the D-Pad then announces a major upcoming update to the 's. Was released in early February 2016, and Sleuth rank ( スルゥースランク ): battle others online or through. Arcadiamon Medal ( ウパモンメダル ) ] meaning they wear off when a farm, or assign farm! Followed by a scene this code system on every case throughout the game at least and. Check various things such as location, Digimon Story: Cyber Sleuth: Complete Edition +26 trainer is available! Key items other than the ten Bank Expansion Drives Shift '' phenomena occurring around Tokyo code system on every throughout... And Digimon of human leads whose trials are both virtual and emotional by gaining CSP Cyber!

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